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So excited to do my Reiki Level 3 Healing workshop next week! I can then continue on and practice at a practitioners level. Cant wait to continue on helping others to heal……. #mylifeswork #meanttobe #healinglight

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Maximum Achievment by Brian Tracy

max achievment

So i have started reading this new book that was recommended to me called Maximum Achievment by Brian Tracy. Now i had never heard of Brian Tracy so did not know of his work or his fame in this area. So i took the recommendation and ordered it on Chapters, collected my book last night and today on my lunch began the journey into some more knowledge on self discovery and reaching my ‘Maximum Achievment’ .

As i am moving to Edmonton soon with my other half and i am happily finishing up the job i have worked the last two years in (like a DRONE) i might add i have been really gaining my inner power to really try and reach my maximum and not let myself be limited by my own doing or others doing for that matter, which i feel i have let myself do for the last 2 years in this job, i have squashed my intelligence, creativity and power…but NO MORE!

So i wanted to share with you some of the already inspiring words that i have gotten from this book and i am not even 20 pages in……Needless to say i am more than excited to keep reading…

Peace of mind is central to your very existence. It is the basic precondition for enjoying everything else.

I learned that if i didn’t commit to achieving my own happiness, no one else would. If my aim in life was only to make others happy, i would always be at the mercy of the feelings of others, whoever they might be.

If you achieve all kinds of things in the material world but lose your health and piece of mind, you get little or no pleasure from your other accomplishments.

How much two people, or a family, laugh together is the surest single measure of how well things are going. When a relationship is truly happy, people laugh alot when they’re together.

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How Meditation Can Help You Lose Weight

True that….!

This is an interesting Article above on How meditation can help you lose weight.

I have since 2013 started really given my focus to meditating when i can or asking myself to do it for its wonderful benefits, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

In this article Deanna explains how quieting the mind and focusing on the now can bring about a new awareness to your body and how you see it and also to the way in which you eat as you make different food choices when you are less stressed or anxious. We also eat our food differently when we are relaxed which helps with bloating and nutrient absorption. I have seen the positive effects meditation can have on my food choices, i find i  choose the healthier option and as i am more aware and present i notice when i am full and tend not to over-eat, also the actual food taste’s better.

Sometimes meditation comes easily and sometimes it takes a little longer to get your mind to focus and be still, either way make no judgment, it is for yourself only and neither meditation is wrong. And you find your own way of meditating, its doesn’t have to be the conventional way…

Daily Inspiration……

So i have come to LOVE Affirmations and daily inspirations….so much so that i have an app that gives you these wonderful affirmations as soon as you open it making you feel like a total super hero before you have even had your breakfast and making me feel like the wonderful, amazing person i am. They are great, i instantly get an injection of positive non judgmental self esteem from them.

I have seen coming from Ireland particularly that there is a total stigma surrounded by positive reinforcement of self affirmations such as saying ‘i am amazing’ ….its is picked up as ‘ego’ or ‘big-headed’ when really if you are coming from a non egotistical place and a place of total acceptance and love for yourself and others then saying ‘I AM AMAZING‘ or ‘I AM LOVED AND CAN LOVE’ or ‘I HAVE THE POWER IN ME TO DO ANYTHING’ should be totally acceptable. I reckon maybe if people said this a bit more to themselves along with thousands of positive other non-ego affirmations we wouldn’t have so much pain, hate, jealousy, greed, depression, melancholy, spitefulness, hurt, poverty, hunger, gloom, conformity, self hatred, low self esteem, along with a whole barrel load of things that these spur…..eating disorders, addictions, cancers, dis-ease’s, confusion.

I know this as a person that had a mild eating disorder and then subsequently was never comfortable with my own body, constantly saying in my mind how much i hated it, wish i had someone else’s or how it was never good enough. That mixed with anxiety, fear, bottled up anger, doubt and total confusion i was a right mess. I have since recently in the last few months/year had a wonderful movement into self appreciation and self love for the beautiful body i was given and want to give it the best clean nutrition and health and balance i can and love and acceptance for my skills and gifts that i hold.

I am no-more saying i am not good enough or i cannot do this because or its …..fault i feel like this or  i hate my body, its such a mean thing to say to yourself, think about it….If someone said to you ‘I hate your body’ ..or ‘You really suck at that’ hurt would you be….hurt enough to say Shut the ****** up anyway, well then why would you let yourself say it and hurt yourself….see….doesn’t make sense. I have only realized this recently and so Everyday i look at myself in the mirror and say “I Love you” and i mean it, everyday i think about the wonderful things i can do or will achieve, i try and give myself love and give it to others without conditions or judgment, i stopped feeling guilty about the past or worrying too much about the future and Affirmations have helped this. I listen to them, i read them, i watch them being done in the form of good deeds to others and im so not joking they are working….i have started to see myself physically differently, of course im sure there will be days where i need it more than others…and hey there is always room for self growth, learning new skills, succeeding in sports or a job or working hard and learning to be done….but for now its not about the Ego attached to them, its about saying i really Love and Accept myself and not to let others stand in the way of that.

So i wanted to share my daily inspirations with you and the story about why i find them so beneficial….



This is from the app that makes you think so positively about YOU…. 😀
Ain’t it the truth…..
ooooo I LOVE THIS one!!!!
A good and harder lesson to learn than i thought….
awwwhhh x
Let the haters hate….it doesn’t effect you, its their problem, not your’s.
Concentrate on love.

Yoga…Pilates….Yogalates…Hot Yoga…meditation…What one suits you

I wanted to address this for awhile, what the difference is between Yoga and Pilates first of all and secondly what one suits you.
both excellent practice's
both excellent practice’s

Yoga: Yoga is the general name for a number of different yoga disciplines and practices which derived from the religions and practices of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. The most common and practiced form of yoga ‘Hatha Yoga’ is a discipline and concentration of the mind focusing on health and purity of the body and mind as one through meditation and various yoga positions.

Now there are as I said various different types of yoga:
Hatha– A lot of breath work, good for beginners of yoga or those that are experiencing and want to alleviate anxiety, stress, depression, muscle tightness/soreness, poor circulation, poor sleeping or just want to feel great in general.
Vinyasa– More movement than Hatha and you will work the body a little more intensely but still in keeping with the same root principles of hatha yoga.
Kundalini– Focused more on the lower regions of the body, getting into your root energy, more core and upper thigh work.
Ashtangaor Power Yoga – requires constant movement and is a little more demanding physically so more geared to those that have been practicing yoga awhile and are physically fit to hold muscle demanding poses.
Iyengar – Using more props, blocks..straps…cushions etc this is geared more towards healing ailments of the body through yoga poses.
Anusara – Focused more on Heart poses, so focusing students on using the poses to see healing light inside themselves and bring out your potential. Good for those new to yoga.
Restorative– This is great for those that need to wind down after a hard day. It is focused on using the breath and meditation to relax the body and mind and bring them back to balance, very relaxed class, excellent for cleansing the mind of stress or anxiety.
Bikram or Hot Yoga – This is 26 yoga poses only that is practiced in a room at 40 degrees heat and 40% humidity. It is quite a disciplined class that requires a lot of concentration. It is a hard class at the start and physically demanding as you sweat A LOT. It is good for perfecting poses and burning calories (added benefit) but don’t over stretch in the false heat, you may do more damage. If you do try this class, NOTE: the feeling of nausea and fainting is normal because of the intensity with heat, so come out of the pose and lay on the floor until the feeling has passed and come up gently.
So whether you are at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level, there are many different styles of yoga out there for everyone. Have fun with yoga, try some out and see what you like, just because everyone else in the class may look like pro’s or look like they adore the class doesn’t mean you have to be a natural or pro or feel the same way. Yoga is all about you in your mind and body and the connection between the two. I myself right now am practicing Hatha, Yin and Restorative and find them SOO beneficial for my mind and body. I have taken Bikram classes and found them beneficial but did not draw me back so I left it be.

Pilates: Pilates was developed by a gymnast named Joseph Pilates and is a body conditioning routine that helps build flexibility and long, lean muscles, strength and endurance in the legs, abdominals, arms, hips, and back. It puts emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing to relieve stress and allow adequate oxygen flow to muscles, developing a strong core or center (tones abdominals while strengthening the back), and improving coordination and balance.

Unlike yoga there is not much types of Pilates but there are different levels, beginners, intermediate and advanced where the movements and exercises get more difficult and the adaptations become more intense and your practice becomes more skilled. Similar to yoga though Pilates concentrates on a particular breathing technique used to cleanse the body and use’s breathing to enhance the ability in a movement/exercise.
I hope the definition I have described of the two has dispelled some idea’s that these two are the ‘same’ or misconceived idea’s you may have had of them.
Yogalates or Yogilates: This is a combination of the two. It incorporates the mat work of Pilates but with the soothing breathing and relaxation poses of Hatha Yoga. It is a calming yet still challenging class that you if you enjoy both yoga and pilates want to incorporate it all in one class. Some hard core yogi’s may say that this is not a correct practice as you are breaking the chain of proper yoga concentration with pilates but I say to those people relax guys……people will find what they enjoy and works for them and should be allowed express it freely J.
Either way I think both of these practices are great for our bodies and minds and yoga exceptionally good for those that have hectic or stressful lives or those that suffer from any form of anxiety. So it is up to you which one you choose and suits you and your lifestyle.

                                               Namaste 🙂

NOTE: If anyone of you peeps in Dublin 15 are looking for a pilates instructor, my sister is a pilates teacher and has 2 classes a week. Message me for deets 🙂