That was a big break….

So for some reason i just forgot about my blog i had invested so much time into….I moved to Edmonton and BAM…see ya blog….im too busy for you!

Nahhh, i just put it on hold momentarily. It came into my mind twice this past week so i thought maybe this is a little sign that i should re-visit. A nice feeling as i read through some of my old blogs and reading the intentions as to why i started the blog in the first place.

WOW, what a year and a half it has been since i moved to Edmonton. So much has happened, so much has changed, i have changed, we’ve changed, the world has changed..isn’t it great! I will make this brief though, or i think most people will just flick away…..but how do you make such a life experience brief…hmmm, lets see;


Edmonton, what a place, totally different from Vancouver in nearly all great ways! I do prefer Edmonton, i’m not sure if that is because it meant a fresh start for us or because it reminds me more of Ireland and a more rustic lifestyle, either way, its suits us a little better. I have come through more and more of who i am here and so has Mikey. We became ridiculously close when we moved here and the connection grew stronger, that alone is a sign that we were on the right track coming here. Not to mention i was shown a giant white snow heart on our way here…. pic below….if that isn’t a sign…well the someone cut my eyes out and tell me i am BLLLIINNNDDD.


We jumped right into the GAA (Gaelic Football) club here in Edmonton. Wonderful way to meet some great friends and have a great laugh. Second season i unfortunately tore my knee up (ACL,PCL,Bone,Cartilage) so that kept me out for the season and i am now repairing (sound like a robot) but its going great. Mikey being the big GAA head that he is will be leaving the GAA behind after the final tournament next week (I cant say im not happy…because i kind of am – sorry babe!). Hey….room for growth and addition of new things :D!

We made it through the crazy 6 month Canadian Winter..holy crap COLD, not without Mikey getting a touch of frost bite on his nose and losing the tip of his finger 😦 , so long finger tip…we miss were the best part! Poor guy, he has worked his lovely irish bum off since being here! I have to say, i do enjoy being cozy and warm and baking and concocting lovely tinctures/tea’s/soups and remedies and these cold cold winters are the most wonderful excuse to dive into those things…of which i did this winter! Soooo in all, i thoroughly enjoyed winter.

The most wonderful thing to watch though is Edmonton when winter starts to melt away and Spring starts to bloom…OMG what a site….you literally see it bloom in front of your eyes. This i find is great time for people to detox and clean/clear out winter cobwebs. I find people like to give themselves little shakes and i wish more people would at the end and start of each season. Our spirit, energy, mind and body benefit so much from that conscious shift, care and change.

Summer is a time for adventure, exploration, bloom, blossom and showing off all of our colour and light. We can learn this from nature and the plants/animals around us. Humans should follow the seasons, it suits us!

Soooooo………i think i am going to try and keep this blog going once again, lets hope some people like my writing and bullshitting 🙂

I may make some changes here and there…..

Thanks to anyone who is reading this…I’m Emma…..Hello.

oh P.S. Mikey proposed to me last August in Banff and we are getting married next Feb (2015)….woopp woopp. Lets do this Hubby (to be)


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