Kick your Own Ass…..When your tired and making excuses

Kick in the Ass! * while yawning….

So we all have those days, like me today, where we know wewant to workout, we know our bodies need it, we know we don’t really want tobreak our routine but that little red devil on our shoulder is happy to whisperin our ears… ‘no its ok to go home’ ‘ you did enough yesterday’   ‘you’re tired, relax’ …DON’T LISTEN. I know it’shard but try and keep your goals and the vision you are working towards firmlyin your mind. IT will eventually prevail.
 I have had a throatinfection for the past week and trust me I know what it feels like to go back toworking out after days of couch cuddling….Its ain’t easy…..BUT these are thetimes when we need to kick our own ass’s the most!
You will most likely for the rest of the evening , even ifyour go through with your workout and reach that gym door or put on thoseworkout clothes continue to tell yourself you don’t want to do this and in turnend up doing a workout only giving 50% effort and over-all not really enjoyingthe fact that you worked out at all….SWITCH YOUR MIND OFF.
I right now feel tired and sluggish and this tune is in myhead “ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…..” from doing a 90 min Bikram Yoga session last night andwould love nothing more than to jump right on that bus at 5 pm and high tail ithome……BUT no I am going to the gym, I am going to do my work out because I knowafter my 45 mins…..yes 30-60 mins is all you need (not slaving for 1hr and half)I am going to feel on top of the world and yet a little closer to my goal ofre-shaping my body and getting stronger/ leaner and fitter.
You may be saying right now to yourself…yeah right Emma, butI have had a really busy day or you don’t understand I just don’t have enoughenergy….. I know, I get it, I really do, I know what it’s like to be crazy busybut I also know what it is like to achieve a goal and especially a fitness one,and the feeling is worth everything especially if it makes a difference to yourconfidence, self esteem or sports goal!
You will never see results without giving something ofyourself… give that extra little bit of energy, push yourself a little moreand see if your efforts start to show. I know I will be shaking off my yawn’sand giving myself a swift kick in the bum to wake up and make the most out ofthat 45 mins to get my goal. Go on, you can do it 😉 …..

And the end result……. happy (sweaty) head… In the end I gave it 100% (as can be seen by the vain popping out on my forehead.. :P) and had my deserved mini protein shake straight afterwards for my muscle recovery! It is all worth it in the end ladies and gents! The endorphins will lift your mood anyway so your bound to feel great in the end 🙂 , and good on you if you went and did your workout and if you didn’t…..SHAME on you… ;P only kidding…. You’ll get them next time


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