Anaerobic and Aerobic Exercise and Fat Burn….How it really works

Anaerobic / Aerobic / Fat Burn

How it all works

·        Two different types of energy systems are used when you workout. Aerobic and Anaerobic.
·        Aerobic means in the presence of oxygen, Anaerobic means in the absence of oxygen.
·        Aerobic fitness is necessary for our everyday lives, for our lung function. This is the energy system in how we breathe. This is also the energy system that gets used in long cardio, such as walking/ slow/moderate running/moderate exercises for longer periods of time, when you are not using 100% of your VO2 max (maximum oxygen consumption).
·        Anaerobic fitness is necessary for our muscle build and fitness (burns fat), fitness of our hearts, lungs. This is the system that gets used when you go from a resting level to a sprint/100% VO2 max. Most effective at 30 second intervals and up to Max 2 minutes. This utilizes ATP and CP (the energy phosphates of which we have short supply) and Gylcolysis.

The reason why the Anaerobic System burns fat more efficiently than the Aerobic system.

When exercising in an anaerobic zone our body uses ATP (adenine triphosphate) & CP (creatine phosphate) and anaerobic glycolysis. Glycolysis; Direct glucose breakdown (sugar – from refined and complex carbohydate’s) is utilized for energy. The usage of this glucose is what burns fat. If this glucose is not used it is stored in the body as fat. A small portion will be stored as glycogen (we all need a certain amount as back-up) and the rest of the glucose will be converted to fat storage. As you see then over eating of foods with high glucose levels (sugar and refined carbohydrates) and direct high fat foods combined with the under usage of the glucose is when we put on weight – Fat. So therefore, training in an anaerobic zone burns glucose and body fat. 
It is the most beneficial for fitness as anaerobic exercises build muscle as they use Type II a & b muscle fibers – Fast Twitch. These muscle fibres are used in the building and repairing of muscles. The more anaerobic/resistance exercises done, the more Type II muscle fibers built, the more muscle you have. The more fat is burned during exercise and everyday. The afterburn effect can continue for up to 48 hours after a workout.
Little muscle mass or under devolved muscle in the body does not burn fat efficiently. Therefore it is still possible to lose weight by not training anaerobicly or by resistance  but it will be 80% of the time muscle mass and water weight that you lose with very little of it being solid fat mass, this can be seen by body shape also.

6 thoughts on “Anaerobic and Aerobic Exercise and Fat Burn….How it really works

  1. "Most effective at 30 second intervals and up to Max 2 minutes."I'm a stuipy head but does this mean 30 to 2 min intervals or 30 sec intervals for 2 mins??Thanks 🙂

  2. hehe no worries 😀 , I prob didn't really word it correctly. So it means, 30 second sprint with 30 second rest and you can go up to a 2 minute sprint at 90% of your max, but any sprint over 2 minutes (which aswell would be extremly hard) is coming out of an anaerobic zone and into an aerobic so will change energy systems and come out of that intense msucle build and fat burn. I recommend doing 30- 60 or 90 second sprints with 30 second cool downs for 10 minutes. Has this helped? 🙂

  3. Sure my pleasure :D.It doesnt no, you would be doing intervals of sprints for 30 seconds and immediatly 30 second rest(dropping your VO2 max and heart rate) for a PERIOD of 10 minutes not 10 minutes straight. To move into the aerobic zone you would need to be doing consistent running at a moderate level FOR 10 minutes. after 2 minutes straight of sprinting your body moves into the aerobic zone. But by doing intervals of high intense bursts and then recovery your body uses energy in the anaerobic process; ATP/CP and Glycolysis. So once you move out over 2 minutes of consistent exercise with no receovery you move into an aerobic. Make sense? 🙂

  4. Would running up a hill for 30 seconds (but less than the 2 mins) and walking back, repeated be a good way of training for Anerobic fitness ?

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