Inspiration for you busy people…..exercise and health is ME time….

Keeping the inspiration alive….
So with the inspiration from a lovely friend of mine I am writing this piece too, as she said to me ‘write me something to inspire me Emma’… and she had also mentioned of an article she had read which I have also included should you fancy a gander.
So for inspiration and motivation I am going to centre on what Michelle Obama speaks about in this Women Health article (which is doing it for yourself, your time/me time) as my friend had said that with everything she reads or see’s this was one article in particular was one that stood out to her and made her really think about exercise in a different and positive way. So if you find that other methods of motivation to get your going havn’t worked for you then maybe this will.
So ladies (or gents), clear your mind…. And think about how you have come to this decision that you need to A) Improve your Health, B) Improve your physique C) Improve your eating or D) all of the previous. Now think about how you would look with that healthy glowing skin and body that you are envisioning for yourself. Now let me guess…a dark cloud is looming and all you are thinking is “NOO DIET..” “PAIN” … “EFFORT…” well snap out of it quickly!
Now, go back to that clear mind and that lovely image and start to think of this new task as a journey and time for YOU, so ME time, your time to improve YOURself, time to relax and get happy with the thought of taking an hour each day to work on your body and think about your health when eating.
We spend so much time thinking about others; work – 40+ hrs a week in most cases, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, kids, parents, friends, pets, bills…..basically a whole lot of other people beside’s ourselves. So why not instead try and see it this way:
We have few hours in the evening or week to ourselves, if you are dedicating some of that time to exercising or preparing healthy meals for yourself then enjoy them, try enjoying the exercise, instead of automatically hating it when you go to do it, thinking it’s a chore…we have enough of them to do so don’t let your “ME time” be a chore. Try new healthy receipe’s so it keeps it interesting and enjoyable, try exercise with a friend and enjoy the ME/WE time together. This is time when it’s all about you and your body, nobody else! There is almost of freedom and release in it. You don’t have to think about anyone else….but YOU!. Embrace it. You give so much to work and others and we give such little time to ourselves; well time for change.
Look at this excellent quote from the Dalai Lama…..its true aswell:
 So come on , lets invest in our ME time and use it to make exercise and a healthy life enjoyable and a form of winding down and enjoying your body, then let the results will follow. Take deep breaths and enjoy the air filling your lungs…releasing stress, lift those weights and enjoy the feeling of strength and power in your muscles, work them and enjoy the feeling of being alive and being able to push your body, enjoy stretching and breath deep when you do. It’s very relaxing and the endorphins are addictive.

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