The Social Pressure of a Fitness Lifestyle….Lets take a look…

Hey all, so i was reading an article on “The Social Pressure of a Fitness Lifestyle” and thought i would share if you fancy a read.

I have seen this happen in quite a few situations so i thought it would be a good topic to address on my blog.

When i worked as an instructor in the gym I seen this happen quite often, people would come in for an assessment and they would tell me stories or situations where they were not supported or even scrutinised in social situations for their healthy choices (food/drink/not drinking/exercising etc) and by their friends and family no less, the people that should support you the most.

So take a read of the article, if you find yourself having been in that situation from any angle. Stick to your guns, its not you, you are not forcing this on anyone, you are merely trying to make a healthy life for yourself so stick strong. Or if you have found yourself maybe not being the most supportive of one of your family or friends healthy choices or lifestyles then try and change that, be the support system for that person, be the friend and maybe its not them you are really scrutinising…….

So lets keep some comradery here peeps! Be nice and respect others choices for their lifestyles.

Say this to your self for some self motivation 🙂


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