Fat Burn Fast…Get Moving….Anywhere you like…..4 weeks to summer baby.

Hey all, here we are 4 weeks to summer and if you live in Vancouver like I do….that means bikini weather and more flesh baring attire. If you are in somewhere a little colder…like my homeland Ireland…then it may not mean bikini weather but we do like to show some flesh when any bit of sun comes out…JIf you are already happy in your beautiful body well then good for you and i hope you keep yourself healthy and fit this summer J! But if not and you are starting to stress out over getting in that bikini/summer dress or mathcing up to the Guys in the muscle tee’s…..fear not there is always time to make a change and turn those bad habits into good ones and get that body looking and feeling healthy and fit..!!! So here I am going to give one of the biggest tip on how to AMP your bikini body fast….

The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn.
The leaner you look. Start doing more resistance (weight bearing) exercise, anaerobic exercise and interval workouts (sprinting for 30-50 secs with short cool downs) to build up that muscle mass and burn extra fat. Your body continues the fat burning process hours after a resistance work-out has even finished so here-in lies the benefit.
You will gain better and faster results from fat burning/interval training than you will ever from long drawn out cardio sessions (unless the cardio session is sports specific i.e. marathon/triathlon training…even at that for marathon/long distance training weight bearing and anaerobic exercise should be incorporated to build muscle power and resistance). Cardio will burn calories but it will not build sufficient muscle tone or shape and in most cases it you will lose some muscle mass and while not losing much fat mass.
Not only does this type of training(fat burn) promote faster body fat loss and a leaner look, it also increases fitness levels on an aerobic level and anaerobic level while long intervals of cardio only really promote fitness levels on an aerobic level.
Studies done:
Over the course of six weeks, the effects on aerobic and anaerobic capacity were studied. Two groups of people performed different types of exercise. The first group completed 8 sets of 20 second maximal sprints followed by 10 seconds of rest (4 minutes). The second group completed 60 minutes of steady-state cardio. At the conclusion of the study, those that completed the interval training improved both aerobic and anaerobic capacity, while the steady state cardio people only improved aerobic capacity.
So let me help:……Try this 3 – 4 times a week(30 mins each) if you are not getting any other exercise. Thats 2 hours in total (see not that long eyyy).  I have mentioned this in a few of my other blogs but I will throw another one in:
What you need:
  • 30 minutes
  • Runners and Workout gear (doesn’t have to be fancy but a decent pair of runners always advisable)
  • Some dumbbells (but totally optional, can use your own body weight)
  • Water
  • Gym or green area
  • DETERMINATION and BELIEF! (Most vital to your workout)
BELIEVE…                                in                      YOUR OWN STRENGTH
 Here goes….Its only 30 minutes long… 🙂
        5 minutes– warm up, run on treadmill/back and forth in park at relaxed pace to warm muscle and stretch them out.
        10 minutes – Outside – Sprint for 30/40 seconds at 100% of your max (run/bike/swim/row) and rest for 30 seconds, repeat this for 10 minutes, which should mean 10 repetitions. Inside – Do the same but if you are on a machine, amp up the speed to your max sprint (most people should be 9+ on a treadmill).
        Next 10 minutes do the following exercises and repetitions
        Burpeez – 15 x 3 sets
        Press-ups(3 different position levels, beg, med, adv) – 12-15 x 3 sets
        Lunge with shoulder press – 12 per leg x 3 sets
        Military fast feet and get-ups – 90 seconds x 2
        Frog leaps or Tuck Jumps – 60 seconds x 2
        Plank – hold 45 secs x 3
        Tricep Dips 12-15 own body weight x 3 , tricep kickback with dumbbell 12 x 3
        Woodchop/each side – 15 x 3
        One Legged Squat and Hold 30 sec on each leg x 3
        5 minutes– cool down, run off gently for 5 minutes and allow 2 minutes for deep stretch.
This is a fairly tough 30 minutes but this will give you a great quick fat burning/interval training workout that only takes 30 minutes! The fat burn that continues on afterwards is the most important and muscle re-build. If you have more time, by all means add in some more weight bearing multi functional exercises.
Always remember your diet needs to compliment your fat burning routine’s, so plenty of lean Protein, PLENTY of vegetable’s (particular, spinach, broccoli, kale, cucumber, parsley, avocado, beetroot), complex Carbs (Quinoa, Brown rice), nuts & seeds (unsalted/unsweetened), fruit (try new fruits, branch off from just apple’s, oranges and banana’s), organic natural yoghurt/cottage cheese and lots of WATER.
Healthy and Fit is sexy and we can all be sexy 😉 !

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