Cheat and Eat….some Positive Advice and Support

Getting to Cheat and Eat….Some advice and support J
 So peeps, I wanted to do this blog on eating and cheating. When I use the term cheat, I don’t mean it in terms of being able to get healthy while “cheat eating” all of the time, what I do mean though is, Being able to live a healthy and fit lifestyle while being able to have your cheats every once in awhile and even every week. J
I myself love chocolate, wine, going out for dinner or desert or having those comfort foods. But what I try to do is each week, 90% good, 10% cheat! You need to have balance and be able to allow yourself the nice things in life so don’t fret if you think by leading a healthy and fit life you can’t have so of those extra yummy things out there, it’s not true, YOU can….HOORAYYY :D, otherwise we would be miserable having to constrict ourselves all of the time.
The key though as I said is balance. During the week keep 90% of all meals and drinks healthy/organic/unprocessed and as natural as possible where you can and the same for drinks; water/herbal teas etc. Then 10% use this time to have some little treats that you really like or if you are having time with the girls have that glass or two of wine or a beer with your boyfriend/girlfriend or some popcorn at the cinema or whatever your taste buds will love. It won’t destroy your balance if you do, but THAT KEY….don’t do it all the time and it won’t destroy that healthy balance you have. Problems I see people having is too many cheat days in a week and leading to it not being a cheat day at all OR not having any at all and then binging and then feel guilty and mad at themselves!! So here is a little sample of my cheat day this week J
Here in Vancouver we have something called Dougie Dog, it’s a hot dog place that does yummy hot dogs, myself and my girl Alma decided we deserved a cheat day so on Wednesday after work we went and got ourselves a DELISH Dougie Dog hotdog and a hot chocolate to finish J ,it was yummy and hit the spot, now  for the balance:
That day I had:
Breakfast:  homemade vegi juice with wheatgrass and rice cake with 100% peanut butter
Lunch: more vegi juice with wheatgrass and a salad with a boiled egg
In between this I had an apple to snack on, my breakfast and lunch were both mostly natural products and healthy so this gave me the allowance for that cheat meal in the evening with Ali. Note, the whole day wasn’t a cheat meal and I didn’t have to feel guilty when I did get to cheat and have my yummy treats. I also combined this with a 1 hour spin class and 20 resistance training on Tuesday and 1 hour resistance training on Thursday so burning up any excess fat. I literally got to have my cake and eat it too, who doesn’t want that :D, And so can you.
But remember eat healthy and keep fit and you don’t have to feel guilty about having those cheat days if you want to see results in health and weightless ;), just don’t have every day be a cheat day and dont try and eat 20 chocolate bars on a cheat day to try and compinsate for not having them everyday this also defeats the point and not to mention is bad for your body and health.  Wait and see how much you really enjoy that chocolate bar when you have them only every so often….taste even nicer 😉
Remember we are not about DIETS here people we are about Healthy, Fit, Balanced Lifestyles….lead to healthy, fit bodies and minds J

3 thoughts on “Cheat and Eat….some Positive Advice and Support

  1. That sounds like under eating/taking on calories to 'permit' a binge every once in a while. Do you think doing such a thing on a weekly basis would be ok ? E.G. Fruit for brekkie and soup for lunch with a binge of take-away and chocolate for dins ?

  2. No i am not saying to calorie restict your diet throughout the day, what i am saying is to eat healthy throughout the day as i did "fresh squeezed vegetable juice, humous, fruit, salad" and then when you have a treat you are comfortable knowing that you still got your essential nutrients throughout the day knowing that your body is not going to crash and burn if you have a treat that evening. I also said NOT to binge in the blog aswell, i said this is bad for your body and health, and that a "cheat or treat" means some chocolate or a nice desert you like or your favourite take out food eg, some pizza with side salad…

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