Quick Basic Bums and Legs

If you are looking for that pert toned bum and toned legs, i have done a quick demo on how to achieve these even when you are short on time and have no time for the gym or long workouts, fear not, these take 10-15 minutes to do. Done 4 days a week, mixed with the correct diet and if you can some cardio in there for calorie burn you are on your way to a toned bums and legs :).

check out my quick demo here… *NOTE, apologies for not seeing my head in some shots, its a small screen and its more important you see what my legs are doing.

Link here: 🙂



Side Squat

Lunge / Static Lunge


3 sets x 20 reps and if you want to advance these exercises try, a one legged squat, ad in weights(handheld/barbell) to the exercises.


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