Let me share 10 Myths surrounding Weightloss/Fitness…

10 Weight Loss and Fitness Myths
Ladies and Gents let me dispel some common myths surrounding weight loss and fitness. These are spread from marketers trying to sell you special shoes to help you lose weight to through bad word of mouth or just miss information.
So I feel these myths that I have listed are common one’s that I have heard a lot and lead to people to frustration and goal failure:

1.       Woman shouldn’t lift weights because they will bulk up or gain huge muscles or look manly….FALSE

I am telling you it is the complete opposite. Women do not chemically contain enough testosterone physically to gain that muscle from lifting regular weights. Don’t let female body builders put you off they are in a different ball game totally. So it is healthy to lift weights and lifting weights burns calories and burns fat, it is more beneficial in weight loss. Lifting weights carries “the afterburn”, this you want, this continues way after your workout. For calorie burn and fat burn, keep those reps no bigger than 12, so choose a weight that you will feel the burn at on your 12th rep x 3 sets. You will have toned hot muscles and body.

2.       Losing weight is a physical body challenege/I don’t have enough energy..

Losing weight requires a physical effort but it is not a total physical challenge, it is a mental challenge. We start off good but it is the mental challenge after that takes effort, to keep you motivated. 45 mins of quality exercise is better than none. It is in our heads, we are the one’s that hold the power to change our ways of thinking, letting go of that is the hardest part. Really believe you are going to achieve it and you will.

3.       Supplements/Products help speed up/quicken the weightloss process…FALSE!!!!!

If this were true there would be no unfit, over weight people. Move from any products that tell you this, weightloss  is tough, and no quick fix is going to work longterm. Plenty of companies out there are paid millions to tell you they work. Atkins, slim-fast etc.. Rebok was sued 25 million because they claimed a pair of their runners would tone your legs…it obviously didn’t…it takes alot more than runners to do that. Exercise and healthy eating and healthy mind is what is going to get you that body you are looking for and keep it.

         4.     You HAVE to do cardio to lose weight…NOT

You do not necessarily have to have cardio in your workout to shed those pounds. So if all you are doing pounding down the treadmill and pavements and are getting sick of this, don’t worry, you don’t have to stick with that to shed it. Depending in what system you are working in, you anaerobic or aerobic system you will be burning up fat or calories. So weight training and short interval training will burn up those calories just as well if not better than the drawn out cardio sessions as you have hours of after burn with weight training/anaerobic exercises.

5.       Its all about the exercise to lose weight and get fit….NOT

If you have been killing youself with exercise and still not seeing results, get back to that drawing board! What are you feeding yourself.  Weightloss is 60% Diet, 40% exercise. What you put in your mouth ultimately effects what comes out on the outside. So if you are not eating correctly, you will not see results or the results you want. Nice Abs are not made by crunch’s alone, you need to have the right diet.

6.       Muscle weighs more than fat….NOT

People often say this or give a confused look when someone says they are a certain weight and another person is the same weight but looks fitter and has better body shape.  They say that it’s because muscle weighs more than fat and they are almost right.. 1 pound of muscle weighs the same as 1 pound of fat, just as 1 pound of feathers weighs as much as 1 pound of bricks. So, this phrase is half right. Muscle does weigh more than fat – when comparing similar sizes, which is essentially density. More important though is to understand that your weight is meaningless in terms of body composition, and that a 130 lb woman can be much more fit than a similar 130 lb woman. It’s all about body composition. Throw your scale away and pick up a pair of body fat calipers.

7.       Muscle turns to Fat…NOT

This is a myth that if you are training hard or that if you stop training muscle will turn to fat. This is not possible, as muscle and fat are two different compositions. They are not the same thing and one cannot simply turn into another, like gold cannot turn into silver. What does happen though is if you stop training or working out, you lose muscle tone and will lose some muscle mass, you also may gain some body fat from lake of exercise, which leads to higher body fat and lower muscle mass = the myth……muscle turns to fat…!

8.       Restricting Carbs, Fat out of my diet will make me lose weight.. Not entirely

Restricting main food groups such as Carbohydrates or Fat is bad for your health, not good. We need complexed Carbohydrates for energy and for our glycogen storage (this gets us up and moving after not eating for 8 hrs while sleeping), we need healthy fatsfor our adipose tissue to protect our organs an absorb fat soluble nutrients. So please don’t restrict all carbohydrates and fats from you diet but choose the correct one’s.

9.       It says ‘wholegrain’, ‘0 trans fat’ , ‘100 fruit concentrate’ ‘0 % fat’, ‘fibre’, ‘0 calories’….

BE WARNED…..millions and millions goes into this advertising to tell you this and make you buy it. They don’t not want to sell you food, they are selling you a product, a picture a false idea. Look at the ingredients of the products you think are healthy, you will find that you cannot read most of the ingredients(NOT GOOD) and they like it this way, you don’t know what you are buying then. Watch for these bad words ‘ Monosodium Glutamate – MSG’ ,’High Fructose Corn Syrup’ , ‘vegetable oil’ ‘palm oil’ , ‘made with wheat flour’, ‘Aspartame’ , ‘sucralose’ ‘ benzoate’ ‘olestra’. You may say well I can’t check everything I buy, solution stay away from highly processed foods, the more natural, organic the better.

10.   I Cant have any nice things or have a drink… Nah

You can indeed have some nice piece of chocolate or a glass of wine. Just be clever about this, you know you cannot eat a whole bar of chocolate, so have 1 or 2 pieces and be happy with that, know that it is a treat and enjoy it or share a desert with that romantic dinner. Try dark chocolate too, it’s more filling and the higher the coco content the more intense so 70% +.  It is in your mind, you feel you need to have the entire bar, but you hold the power. Drink…we all like one, me most defo included!! But watch what you drink, beer holds a serious amount of calories and sugar so go easy if your watching those pounds and body fat. A small glass of wine is probably smaller than most of our personal servings so watch out. If you are looking for a low cal alcoholic drink, try a vodka, soda water and lime. Diets drinks and soda drinks are useless to our health, they hold no benefit and hurt us more in the long run with the chemicals and sugars the hold, both full fat and diet, so have one as a treat but keep away on a frequent basis.

I hope these have dispelled some myths you might not have know about food and fitness . You hold the power to your own body and the changes you make, you have one body, make it the best you want it.!! 😉

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