A Solid Investment into the bank of YOU!

YES, this bad boy that you see before you!!

If you want to make a solid investment into your health, i make one advice, Get a Juicer!!! We all need at THE LEAST….5 portions of fruits and vegetables per day, this is a minimum…not a maximum average they give you! Which means, all of you should try and exceed that limit by what you can, one perfect quick easy way; Juice It!

The nutrients we get from fruits and vegetables and in particular vegetables….is vital to our health, our immune systems and in particular aids the big word that most ladies like to hear WEIGHTLOSS! Yes ladies, juicing it up will help shed those inch’s!

Here are the cold hard deets:

  • juice releases enzymes which make the nutrients more readily available to the body due to the fast absorption of micro nutrients.
  • Juice because of its high water content makes you feel fuller for longer therefore warding off cravings, hunger etc
  • They are quick and easy to make
  • They do not need a massive amount of fruits and vegi’s to make a full large glass/beaker of juice
  • Make the base of any juice (carrot/apple/pineapple) and you will be able to put any harsh tasting vegetable on top of it and drink it with no squinty ‘ugghh’ face, these three all have naturals sweetness to them so they over shadow the taste of some of the veg you may not like eg. celery.
  • After a week or two or juicing(and sticking to a relitively healthy diet), your eyes will be brighter, skin glowing, acne clearing, nails strengthen.


Here are some misconeptions that you may have thought or been told:

  • “you lose the fiber when juicing” – yes you do lose some of the fiber but you still retain the nutrients, you can take some of the pulp and mix it back in, you can make a small smoothie with a hand blender and retain fiber that way.
  • “i wont/dont like the taste of alot of vegetable’s” – Make carrot/apples/pineapple the base of your juices and you can be sure any veg put on top will taste alot sweeter as these three have a natural sweetness to them.
  • “its too noisy and messy or dont have the time” – Its not that noisy if your only making for one as its very quick, messy…its fruit and veg the smell nice.. alot better than soggy meat and chips in the bin anyway and why dont you use the left over pulp in a compost or on your lovely summer flowers(they’ll be delighted) , time…i will time it tonight of how long it takes me a blog it tomorrow (ITS QUICK- trust me)

If you happen to have a hand blender too or a stand up blender, why not blend those fruits like banana’s that dont blend so well and mix a small bit of natural yoghurt, kiwi,blueberries and add it to your juice to thicken it up and make a Juice-Smoothie….excellent and filling in the morning.

I will post some Juice Receipe’s and why wait….its summer….Juice it Up….
If you are skeptical why not go to your local smoothie/Juice bar and try one, you will be suprised 🙂


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