6 week to Summer….. :D and im excited!

Ok ALL, men and woman!

The goal of this blog is too highlight how to be healthy and fit longterm…. BUT we all know that summer is approaching…6 weeks to be exact…i am not trying to give you a heart attack…just some tips and let you know…There is NO QUICK FIX but dont worry because let me tell you…you dont want one:

Some facts on yoyo dieting:

  • If you lose 10lbs you 95% of the time will gain back 10-12lbs within the 4-6 weeks of finishing a yoyo/fad diet.
  • You are more likely to have increased stress levels, leading to high blood pressure and low energy.
  • You run the risk of slowing down your metabolism which in turn has the reverse effect you want it to, as this slows down the energy burning process.
  • Cutting out foods groups/certain fruits and vegetables has a totally negative long-term effect on your body, its about Balance.
  • Run the risk of Dehydration
  • Lowers mood, when you deprive yourself, negative mental outlooks leading to negative views on body leading to increased stress and weigh gain when yoyo diet is finished.
  • Fainting, sleep deprevation, moodiness, dull skin…need i go on.

This are like i said quick fixes…they work in the short term but reek havoc on your body and you gain the weight back in the long run because these diets are not sustainable in the long term leading again to the same cycle.

BUT there is a cure:


Eat, it is ok, but it is what you put down that shoot of your’s:

Use this list:

Vegetable’s – 50% of your plate – Raw or Steamed where possible, over cooking looses the nutrients therefore…no benefit!

Protein – 30% of your plate…..lean, unfatty meats, Chicken, Turkey, Tuna, Salmon, White Fish, Eggs, Nuts and Pulses, Lean read meats

Complexed Carbohydrates – 20% of your plate, Be Careful here… Brown Rice, Wholegrain Tortilla, Pitta’s, Wholegrain pasta, Quinoa(highest ranking protein-carb), baked potato’s.

Snacks….unsalted/unsweetned nuts, natural yoghurt with honey, slices of fruit, raw vegetables, rice cakes with natural peanut butter, dried fruit, almond butter with apples..dark chocolate(1 or 2 peices not the entire bar)


Yes is has to be done! This keeps your inside’s fit, toned and muscular

Ladies, dont fret that you are going to become like Muscly Mary is you lift some weights – YOU WONT, trust me, and Men, you wont become like Arnie over night but what you will gain from lifting weights and doing resistance training is, lean & toned muscles, better shape, better core, better posture.

Add in some cardio to keep your lungs fit, and those muscles powerful i recommend high intensity sprinting and cool downs for 30 seconds each, this is the fat burning exercise!!! You burn more fat through this interval training that any long term cardio!
But if you do like your long runs, that is ok, they are calorie burners, but you should keep it at a high pace and long distance for some serious calorie burn. Equally if you are nethier…start of with some long fast paced walks or cycle’s, the physical and mental benefits are outstanding!

I will put up some sample routine’s for men and woman in both gym or outside.

Classes i also recommened taking if your strapped for time are:

Spinning – Excellent for fitness, fat burning
BootCamp – Great for increasing agility, endurance, strength, core
Zumba – great for ladies, calroie burning and fun
Step – fitness and calorie burn, core
Toning – increase tone in area’s that are lacking, core area
KickBoxing – great energy release, fat burner, core toner
Pilates, excellent for core muscles, posture, flexibility, strength

Honestly trust me, you are the result of what you put into yourself metally and physically, it didnt just happen like that! 🙂


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